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There are many reasons why smoking is bad, no one should start. However, for people who took the start, either at an early age or in a moment of insanity, the ten main reasons why smoking is bad they should remember why it is essential to quit smoking as soon as possible.

1. Lung cancer – has been definitively linked to smoking. The toxins they inhale with every puff of smoke are carcinogens that lead to cell mutation and is likely to eventually develop a malignancy. If you smoke all your life that are 23 times more likely to die from lung cancer than a nonsmoker.

2. Emphysema – also caused primarily by smoking. Most cases of emphysema found in men aged 55 and older who have been smoking for life. The same carcinogens and tar that cause lung cancer also decreases the elasticity of the small sacs in the lungs called alveoli. If your lungs are elastic you can not breathe properly and eventually die of asphyxiation.

3. Asthma in Children – Smoking during pregnancy can cause all sorts of carcinogen based on birth defects, including lung problems in newborns. Early exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to early respiratory infections and increased respiratory infections are known to accelerate the development of asthma. The smoke also trigger asthma attacks.

4. Heart disease – smoking causes fatty deposits build up in arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis. Most of your arteries constrict the greater the chance of a heart attack.

5. Pneumonia and bronchitis – both of these smokers effect of diseases and people who inhale the secondhand snuff. The particles produced by smoking reach the lungs and irritate the lining of the walls. The natural response of your body is the creation of mucous to cover the irritant. Too much mucus eventually causes respiratory diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis.

6. Yellowing teeth – tar in cigarettes accumulates on teeth but smoke and the real causes of stains on the enamel. This is a deep stain that brushing and whitening products can not be fixed.

7. Damaged taste buds – the same carcinogens that are going to work in the lungs also cause damage to their sensitive taste buds. Smoking dulls your sense of taste, both while you are smoking and for hours after each cigarette.

8. Bad breath – it’s natural that if smoking harms your palate and teeth, your breath will suffer. Smokers, even those smokers who used mouthwash or chewing gum, still have been the breath of smoke.

9. Stained fingers – tar that stains the teeth also stains your fingers. Most lifelong smokers have brown spots between the two fingers used to hold his cigarette.

10. Huge costs – a very conservative estimate puts the cost of buying a pack of cigarettes per day at $ 912.50. This means that only paid $ 2.5 per package. Can be twice that in some urban areas.
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