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smokeless cigarettesSmokeless Cigarettes

What Smokeless Cigarettes Have Done For Me

A lot of my friends and family ask me about the smokeless cigarettes and what makes them so much better than the traditional tobacco cigarette. I think they’ve all deemed me the Smokeless Cigarettes Guru but with good reason, they’ve all witnessed my absence of tobacco cigarettes for the last 5 years. No smoker actually wants lung cancer, emphysema, years off their life but they all have one thing in common, they just cant quit smoking tobacco. Ever since discovering smokeless cigarettes, I’m happier, my teeth are whiter, I’m more active, even my skin looks better. The best part of it all, I know I am buying back years of my life that I carelessly threw in ashtrays. Smokeless Cigarettes have given me a longer outlook on life and I couldn’t be happier.

Benefits of Smokeless Cigarettes

Besides the obvious benefit of smokeless cigarettes, no harmful smoke, there are many reasons you can benefit from switching to smokeless cigarettes.

Tobacco, Tar and Smoke Free – Every year thousands of people die because of illnesses brought on by smoking tobacco. There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 51 of them are known to be carcinogens. Just a few of those might be familiar to you:

  • carbon monoxide (car exhaust)
  • arsenic (rat poison)
  • hydrogen cyanide (also used in gas chambers)
  • acetone (nail polish remover)
  • sulfuric acid (car batteries)
  • methoprene (pesticide)
  • tar (also used to make roads)
  • ammonia (cleaning product)
  • butane (lighter fluid)
  • DDT (insecticides)
  • cadmium (used to recharge batteries)

And just think, there are at least 3,989 more chemical in each tobacco cigarette you smoke. Ready to make the switch to smokeless cigarettes yet?

Smoke Anywhere – Since smokeless cigarettes produce no real smoke they don’t cause any harmful effects to anyone around it (second hand smoke). Smokeless cigarettes leave behind no ashes, no butts and are considered environmentally friendly. Smokeless cigarettes give you the freedom back to smoke in your home, your car, your office, even on a plane.

Cost Less – Saving money is a common goal for everyone. Depending on how much you smoke, you could be spending a small fortune for a deadly habit. Here’s a breakdown for someone smoking just a pack a day at a cost of $5.50 a pack:

  • per day –         $5.50
  • per week –      $38.50
  • per month –   $165.00
  • per year –        $1,980.00
  • per 10 years – $19,800.00

Shocking when you see it laid out like that, isn’t it? You just paid the tobacco companies $19,800.00 to take ten years of your life away. Keep in mind, that is just for a pack a day habit. I was a 2 pack a day smoker so my numbers would be doubled.

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Make the Switch to Smokeless Cigarettes

I can honestly say, I have not touched a tobacco cigarette in over 5 years. Who knows how my health would be today if I had never given up smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smokeless cigarettes saved my life and could save yours too.

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