LUCI Electric Cigarette Review

Electric Cigarette ReviewLUCI Electric Cigarette Review

Electric Cigarette Review

I know how overwhelming it can be searching for a decent electric cigarette review. It’s hard to distinguish between an honest review and a sales pitch. This is the main reason I continue writing this blog. 5 years back I could haveĀ used an honest electric cigarette review to help me choose the best for me. Instead I sampled around 28 different brands of electric cigarettes and can honestly call myself an expert now.

LUCI Electric Cigarette Review

LUCI Electric Cigarette continues to be my number 1 choice. The look is sleek and itĀ feels great holding. Definitely the closest to a real cigarette. The flavor and vapor are the best on the market. Where I think LUCI has a leg up on the competition is their safety feature and smart chip. All LUCI electric cigarettes contain safety features to prevent nicotine over consumption and a smart chip that will actually turn the electric cigarette off if too much nicotine is delivered in a short time. This is something I believe all manufacturers should be doing. I’m sure every smoker is familiar with that feeling you get when you’ve just smoked too much nicotine.

My starter kit came with two Li-ION batteries and a home charger. The batteries hold their charge really good. I did order the LUCI car charger adapter just because my job requires me to be on the road a lot but I’ve rarely had to use it.

When ordering your LUCI Electric Cigarette Starter kit be sure and use referral / promo code “recommended” to receive $5 off your order. This is the only current available LUCI promo code. I am updated daily from the LUCI CIGARETTE COMPANY with all current codes as they are provided to customers. Bookmark this site as it is updated often with LUCI promotions and free trials. Thank you for reading my LUCI Electric Cigarette Review.

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