9 thoughts on “Recommended Free Electric Cigarette Trial

  1. These are the best! I have been a smoker for over 20 years and hate the new laws regarding smoking in public places. I bought the LUCI cigarettes you have listed on the site and I must say I am very pleased with not only the way I feel healthier when I smoke them, but I dont have to go outside or find a “smoking area” when I get a craving I just pull out my LUCI and problem solved. I just took a 5 hour flight to los angeles and I must say these where a lifesaver! Thanks John for all the info!

  2. John, great site I have to say I feel alot better since I started smoking these …Ive been trying to quit for years but I think this is finally going to be it

  3. Great find John! Thank You, I ordered them 2 weeks ago and they are exactly what I expected. I love being able to smoke at the bar again!

  4. Smokeless cigarettes really are alot like the real thing only I can use them almost anywhere

  5. I am Smoking in the car, house everywhere.these electronic cigaretts are incredible. great blog, Thanks John

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