Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews

Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews


These are my personal, first hand, top 3 Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews :

#1 South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes


South Beach Smoke Best PricesSouth Beach Smoke stands behind their product more than any brand I’ve seen. They offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty which includes FREE replacement batteries for customers who opt in for Home Delivery Program ( gives a 20% discount on monthly auto-shipping of cartridges). They also offer a $25 referral program!  South Beach comes with the atomizer built in insuring fresh taste every time you change your cartridge, and gives a significant discount when you sign up for home delivery. The flavor is good and consistent. South Beach Smoke also offers worldwide shipping. I was able to send a Deluxe kit to my Mother in law living in the UK, that was a big plus for me. Ranked #1 in my Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews Overall it is the Best Electronic Cigarette I have tried, and I have been using this for my preferred Brand now for over a 3 years! Stop paying high prices and poisoning yourself with cigarettes and start paying $1.41 a pack (on avg.) By switching to South Beach Smoke, you would save about $1679 a year if smoking a pack a day! Try the starter kit… you’ve got nothing to lose…. Click here for more information on the South Beach Starter Kits.




  • Best Smooth Taste, looks and feels like a Real Cigarette. Best out of all I tried
  • Starter kits begin at $21.99…!!!!!
  • 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • $25 referral program
  • $1700 a year in savings vs traditional cigarettes! (we all need this one!)
  • Worldwide shipping.


  • None, the experience from customer service to the cigarette itself is 100% satisfaction!

Great Deals with South Beach Smoke

  • Express Starter Kit: Was $34.99 – Now $21.99
  • Deluxe Starter Kit: Was $79.99 – Now $59.99
  • Deluxe Plus Starter Kit: Was $119.99 – Now $89.99
  • Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit: Was $214.99 – Now $159.99

Click here to View South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits.

South Beach Smoke reviews - The Better Smoking Choice


#2 Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes 

 Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews

I received my Blu Cigs starter kit and the set up was pretty easy.  The flavor is not consistent, it’s either too strong or too light and there’s not much of a vapor. I did like the look and feel of it. Kits start as low as $69.95. Overall it’s an ok electronic cigarette for a decent price but ranked 4th in my Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews.






  • Decent look and feel.
  • Starter packs as low as low as $69.95 


  • Inconsistent flavor is either too strong or too light. 
  • Low vapor production. 

Coupon Code – NONE.





#3 V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes 

Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews 

5th place in my Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews is V2. The starter pack is a good price, starting at $64.99 but the taste of these was just all over the place. Where I had my biggest issue with them was with their customer service. Order process was a little frustrating and made the purchase very unpleasant. They really need a repeat on their customer service training.




  • Starter packs start as low as $64.99 


  • Order process and customer service was very poor.
  • Inconsistent taste.
  • Low vapor production. 



Here are what I feel are the top5  Smokeless Cigarettes thanks for reading my Smokeless Cigarettes Reviews, and I wish you continued success in your endeavors.

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  1. I use South Beach Smoke. Starter kit cost me under $25. Also a 2-piece cigarette. Cartridges come in a 3-pack for $8. Approximately 300 puffs. I easily quit smoking cigarettes now that I have this. Consistent taste and flavor. Vapor production is awesome. I can even blow multiple smoke rings with the vapor and watch them float away. I’m extraordinarily happy with my purchase. It’s AWESOME!!! While everyone else has to go outside to smoke, I never have to stop what I’m doing to get my nicotine fix. 1.6% Nicotine. I’m not really sure how that measures up but it’s good enough for me!

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